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Rocky Mountain High Hyke’N Husker

My experience in acquiring my puppy from Rocky Mountain High Cocker Spaniels was “unbelievable”! We lost our Cocker who would have turned 11 in April & I was DEVASTATED! So I got on the computer looking…

Just looking at pictures of Cocker Spaniel Puppies made me feel a little better. I decided I had to either NEVER have another Cocker the rest (because of the horrible ache in my heart) or I had to find one RIGHT NOW- so I could pour out some more love. A I looked I found Linda’s ad & those 4 puppies were the cutest Cocker Spaniels I have ever seen.

So I e-mailed her to see if she had any left (not thinking there was even a chance). She e-mailed me back & said that they were all sold, but she had one male left that she was hold for another 3 weeks for the buyer because of an accident, so that they would have time to find out if she would need surgery.

OMG!!! I thought–THREE WEEKS!–I don’t know if I could wait that long to hold this puppy! Well then, I called & talked to her for a long time-she just really understood where I was coming from, & I knew she had to be a wonderful person, besides breeder,to have the heart to give them sometime.

This little puppy “Prancer” a.k.a. “AJ’s Rocky Mountain High Hyke’N Husker” had already captured my heart! We talked many times & became good friends. That 3 weeks had to be as long for her as it was for me ( as many time I contacted her-every day seemed like a week)!

I decided that I would have to calm down and chill-that if it was meant for me to have this puppy I would get him, if not I wouldn’t. I wasn’t sure if I could handle not getting him, but as her website said, she would be having another litter this summer—OMG! That would be another 6 MONTHS!

Trying to shorten this saga, I get the news from Linda that I had a puppy ( my server had put her e-mail in my spam, so I went that whole day just dying to know). When she called & left a message I called her back, received my congratulations e-mail & was the happiest soon to be owner ever!

I never would have believed a breeder could be so nice! When I finally met her the next day! LOL 🙂 I could see how much she loved her dogs, too!

Linda hung in there with me through all my devastation, hope, & elation! I don’t think any other breeder could have understood or put up with me like Linda did. You just can’t get any better than Rocky Mountain High Cocker Spaniels!

I can’t seem to leave her alone now that I have the puppy either-I enjoy more than anything talking to her & telling her about the funny things he does & how much he has given life back to me by filling the void.

Linda is not just a breeder-she is a lover of Cocker Spaniels! She is my TOP recommendation for getting an absolutely adorable Cocker Spaniel Puppy from!

Marilyn Van Horn
Colby, Kansas

Owner of “Prancer” a.k.a. “AJ’s Rocky Mountain High Hyke’n Husker From High Country” he IS a
prancer, too! I can’t thank Linda enough for all she’s done for me!

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